Why Professional People?

There is no substitute for experience in any field, and after more than 30 years specialising in IT recruitment, Professional People has considerably more experience to draw upon than almost any of our competitors; whether they are an in-house recruitment group or another agency.

Those competitors are often staffed by relatively inexperienced personnel, so they cannot hope to be as effective as our principal recruiter, Stuart Mitchell, and his tight-knit, knowledgeable team.

Stuart’s 33 – year computing career has seen him hold a variety of positions in the IT development space, largely in hiring and management roles, and to top this off, he has spent more than 17 years as a Director and principal recruiter for Professional People.

What better background and experience could you wish for in someone charged with sourcing your key IT staff?

Today, Stuart has an enviable reputation in the local IT contract and career marketplace and he is arguably one of this country’s most effective recruiters.

We’re sure that Stuart’s expertise, combined with what we have learnt as a specialist IT recruitment agency over a period of 30 years, will directly translate into real benefits for you, as a client, as it has for our existing clientele.

If you’d like to hear a brief message from Stuart, please click here http://youtu.be/UHN50uBT8ow

So if you’re an employer needing assistance in finding top quality IT staff, we invite you to call Stuart for an initial consultation. We know you’ll be glad you did so.

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