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The local IT recruitment industry is made up of hundreds of in-house hiring
groups and 3rd party agencies, most of whom find it very difficult to
differentiate their offering, one from the other.

Many of them simply believe that sourcing the right candidate involves no
more than placing a job board advert, conducting a LinkedIn search, and
carrying out a box-ticking exercise.

It is literally impossible for the vast majority of them to demonstrate a clear
point of difference; to show something that sets them apart and offers
significant and unique benefits to their clients.

That is not the case with Professional People.

We offer our clients the tangible benefits that flow from the knowledge we have gained over decades of local IT and recruitment experience….

From a company standpoint, after more than 30 years as specialist IT recruiters, we possess considerably more corporate experience and knowledge than almost any of our competitors; whether they are an in-house recruitment group or another agency.

When you combine this with the 33 years IT and recruitment history that our principal recruiter, Stuart Mitchell, also brings to the table, the knowledge gap between us and our competition widens even more so.

Sourcing quality staff is an imperative for any organisation, so the credentials of the recruiters charged with that challenge should be of paramount importance.

We contend that our credentials are second to none.

To support this claim, we can point to the many references supplied by our valued clients, some of which are included on this site’s testimonials page. We can also show that we are the recipients of multiple Australian Achiever Awards for “excellence in customer service” and that our most recent rating of 97.25% is almost unheard of in IT recruitment.

However, we believe the best way to demonstrate our credentials is to do just that….demonstrate them. So if you’re looking for quality IT contract or career staff we invite you to allow us to help out by giving Stuart Mitchell a call.

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